The Wealthy Nurse's Guide to

5 Figure Success

Table of Contents

Shaping Your Mindset

Belief is everything. If you strongly believe that you will make $10,000 a month after 90 days then you will. If you do not have a strong belief in your ability to do this then you will fail. It’s that simple. We all hold strong beliefs about different things. Sometimes these beliefs limit us to achieving what we really want. They can be deep rooted and difficult to shift, but you can eradicate these limiting beliefs.

Why you must Choose the Passive Income Model

There are many different ways that you can make money online. The model that we have chosen for making $10,000+ per month after 90 days is a passive income model. A passive income model means that you setup something once and then do a little work to maintain it and earn money passively.

List Building and Email Marketing

Building an email list and then promoting offers to your subscribers to generate income is one of the most tried and tested passive income models around. Successful Internet Marketers have been using this method for years because it works.

The Math For $10,000 Per Month

When you are building your list and conducting email marketing you need to treat it as a business. This means that you need to know the numbers or metrics that are important. You need to look at opt in conversions and the value per subscriber as a minimum. Too few Internet Marketers really know their numbers. They try many different approaches and do not measure how well they performed. You must take the time to do this. It is just simple math in a lot of cases.

Developing your List Building Plan

Before you rush into implementing your list building and email marketing business you need a plan. There are a number of things that you need to consider and we will cover these in this chapter. Everything from the niche that you are going to choose to the sales funnel has to be considered. Avoid the temptation to just jump in to this. You must treat this as a real business that will replace the income that you are earning at the moment pretty quickly.

Creating the Right Image

His is a short but very important chapter. There are ways that you can set up your entire sales funnel using a free website but you must not do this. This will make you look extremely cheap and people will not want to subscribe to your list. You must treat this as a proper business otherwise you will fail. Be prepared to invest a few dollars in the beginning so that you create the right image. You will need a few tools that are inexpensive to do this so follow the advice provided here to the letter.

Setting Up Your Sales Funnel

Now you will be really starting to make things happen! It is time to setup your sales funnel with your autoresponder service and WordPress. To make the setup complete you will need your OTO product ready to go so that it can be uploaded to your web hosting account.

Your Traffic Plan

You need to make an investment of money and time to build the traffic to achieve your subscriber numbers for the 90 days. People often think that if they “build it they will come” but this never works..

Promoting Offers to your List

When you are building your list you will want to promote offers to them. This can be either: Your own products or services Or Someone else’s products or services where you earn a commission.

Leveraging Your List

If you already have a list and are an experienced marketer then there are a number of ways that you can increase your income. You have a lot of power in that list, and you can use it in many different ways.

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