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Our Services

  • Financial Consultation
    A one-month plan offering services surrounding understanding your finances as it relates to:
    ✓ Money management
    ✓ Budgeting
    ✓ Investing strategies
    ✓ Asset allocation
    ✓ The ability to make, manage, multiply, and invest money.

  • Tax Services
    This plan allows you to understand your finances as it relates to your tax situation while understanding tax liability and options to divert tax liabilities. Everything affects your tax liability and needs to be analyzed to find the appropriate tax strategy to save you the most money. Included:
    ✓ Tax preparation- Complete either or both personal and business tax return
    ✓ Evaluating and explaining your current tax situation
    ✓ Finding the most creative tax strategy and legal deductions
    ✓ Tax advice & planning

  • Insurance Services
    (Specific plans designed on personal needs basis) Two zoom calls set up to review prior plans week pIan(s) and review new plans. Insurance products are necessary to complete your personal life planning. We provide individualized insurance options incorporating personal insurance and retirement products for adults, children, and seniors. Included:
    ✓ Personal insurance analysis and education including whole life, term
    ✓ Offer insurance products involving retirement planning
    ✓ Discuss and explain annuities and IUL policies
    ✓ Individual guidance and options while living as well as death benefits
    ✓ Comparison & analysis of currently held policies
    ✓ Offer a variety of options and products designed to your personal needs

  • Stock market education
    The stock market is another vehicle to leverage as a financial strategy. It allows you to begin learning the stock market as it relates to long term wealth. Included:
    ✓ Stock market education
    ✓ Individual stock analysis
    ✓ Stock market 101 E- book
    ✓ Define what type of trader you are
    ✓ Fundamental vs Technical trading
    ✓ Terminology handouts
    ✓ Stock market watchlist
    ✓ Brokerage account education &/or set-up
    ✓ What is a Stock
    ✓ What stock to pick
    ✓ How to study financials
    ✓ How to buy and sell stock
    ✓ When to buy and sell stock
    ✓ Sectors vs. Industries
    ✓ How to research a stock
    ✓ ETF & REITS investing
    ✓ Access to Wealthy Nurse private Facebook group

  • Investment Club
    Learning to invest as a group allows for group collaboration with minimal financial input while resulting in maximum output towards the vehicle of choice. Plans to cover whatever stage you are in to start your investment club..

  • Niche Nurse Consultation
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