The Wealthy Nurse's Guide to

Turning Knowledge into Profit

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The Benefits of Selling Your Expertise

Every person has at least some information or interest in information that they can potentially make money with. The next step is to figure out the forms this takes and what actual benefits you stand to gain. Sell Information You're Passionate About As I've mentioned earlier, people simply do not have the time to chase after information and then filter that material. They really cannot be bothered. Maybe they're too busy, maybe they feel that they do not have the proper expertise or the background to do it.

Benefit From Passive Models of Selling Your Expertise

In this chapter, we are going to walk you through a quick overview of the different ways you can sell your personal expertise. If you have decided to coach people and earn money as a coach, please understand that there are many ways to do it. You're not stuck with just one channel. There are actually several channels you can use to make money selling your personal expertise. This is just an overview. I'm going to devote one chapter for each of these specific channels.

Sell Your Personal Expert Brand

This method of selling your coaching expertise involves publishing books in a narrow range of niches. You're not going to publish a book that claims to talk about everything and anything related to your industry. That's not going to work. The narrower your range of topics, the better. You get a much better opportunity to highlight your expertise. In your book, you address key questions involved in your niche. For example, you know how to brew beer at home. If you write a book on home brewing, you can talk about ideal conditions for brewing as well as common problems people encounter that prevent them from brewing amazing beer

Different Coaching Service Sales Models

With this particular approach, you’re going to record videos based on scripts that you have written ahead of time. Each script covers a specific topic. When the videos are viewed in totality, your viewers will get the important information that they wanted to learn. You present these videos through a membership access area. In other words, these are not publicly available videos. You have to actually go to a specific website and use a login and password to access these videos. To get that login and password, your viewers have to pay a membership fee. You can charge them a one-time fee or a monthly recurring fee.

Sell Your Coaching Expertise Through Books

Scheduled webinars are simply pre-recorded video presentations that must be viewed on appointment. This is really a marketing trick. You should remember when people are made to feel that something is scarce and is going to go away soon, they are more likely to buy. When you market your pre-recorded video as a webinar that people have to sign up for. People are more likely to sign up because they think that you have recorded it just for that event.

Sell Video Courses

Live webinars involve actual live presentation in front of the camera. You’re going to be talking about a very narrow range of topics. The seminar is very specific in terms of subject matter. What makes this different is that you’re using a free-form approach. You just rehearse what you’re going to talk about in terms of talking points, but everything else is up to the crowd. People will show up and view you on their webcams. They then type in their questions and you’ll answer these in real time.

Sell Your Expertise Through Scheduled Webinars

This form of coaching service provision is the most direct. Basically, you get in front of a webcam and you coach people via Skype of Google Hangouts. It’s that basic. It’s a one-to-one coaching system. In other words, there’s only one person there or if you’re coaching couples, two people, but that’s it. You’re not coaching a whole audience or a wide range of people watching your recorded videos. This is for a specific individual at a specific time with a specific subject in mind. The key to one-to-one coaching is live interaction.

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